If you have ever heard someone recommend you to “buy Canadian,” you are possibly aware of the importance that many consumers place on buying supplies that are manufactured and sold here in Canada. What you may not know is that there are more benefits to buy those goods than just supporting a local economy.

Made in Canada Aluminum Railings & ColumnsWhy Buy Canadian-Made Products?

In this age of e-Commerce, it is easy to get good deals on all kinds of items and not worry too much about where they come from or why they are so low-cost. However, consumers should be aware that all goods are not created equivalent, and you can make a bigger impact than you might think by spending your dollars in your local market. Why buy “Made-in-Canada” products? Let’s talk about the benefits of buying Canadian.

You Acquire What You Pay For

If you are a recurrent internet shopper, you have possibly bought a lot of international products. If you have ever sorted items by cost to get ready to make a purchase, you may have noticed that a lot of the most reasonable items are made in other countries, like China. However, did you know that 90 percent of Chinese consumers of Canada prefer to buy products made in Canada? Those customers know that the “Made in Canada” sticker on the box is not just a marketing trick, Canadian-made goods are normally made with higher-quality materials and are built to last. It can be a little more costly upfront, but in return, you will get items that go the distance. That’s why many Canadian-made products come with a lifetime warranty. That is a guarantee you can hope.

Canadian Products are made in the Correct Way

Purchasing Canadian-made products is a great way to buy quality products and support the Canadian economy. However, it is also an opportunity to ballot with your money on how you want your products to be made. One of the motives it is so much cheaper to buy goods from other countries is that other countries do not follow the same trade regulations we do.  Canadian products cost more because Canadian labor costs more, and there is a good reason for that. Canadian workers are paid living salary and are afforded work site protections and other significant benefits that are missing in other countries. While those other countries can produce products more cheaply, their workers bear as a result. In addition to that, other countries follow looser environmental principles in manufacturing. It means countries like China are still trying to resolve pollution issues that Canada solved years ago. Supporting Canadian manufacturing means supporting manufacturing that is socially accountable and environment-friendly, as well as good for the Canada. That is a win-win for everybody involved.

Supporting Your Local Economy Matters

Have you heard about the Canada trade deficit? Mainly, right now, Canada is importing more from other countries than it is capable to export. Why does it matter? If Canada is buying more from the rest of the globe than it is capable to vend, it means our economy is dependent on other countries to carry on functioning. Because of the supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, our trade shortfall is currently at a significant high. The best thing that Canadian people can do to support the Canadian economy is to buy products that are made here. Buying Canadian-made products supports Canadian businesses and puts your hard-earned dollars in the pockets of your friends and neighbors. That is the best way to expend your funds?

Why buy “Made in Canada” products? It is good for the country as a whole, and it is great for you as a customer. Keep an eye out for that “Made in Canada” tag next time you need to make a major purchase. You will be cheerful you did!

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