Maple Handrail Series (Top Rail Profiles)

* Each of the below aluminum handrail designs can be customized with sizes, lengths, inclinations and custom railing colors suitable for the home exterior, porches, stairs, balconies as well as decks.

Aluminum Spindle / Picket Profiles

* Choose the design and ornamental picket styles for your custom railing project.

Straight Aluminum Railing Spindles
Straight Spindles

Aluminum Railing Spindles with Collars
Spindles with Collars

Curved Aluminum Railing Spindles
Curved Spindles

French Aluminum Railing Spindles
French Spindles

  • Straight Spindle (A)
  • New-Curve Spindle (B)
  • Excel Spindle (C)
  • Round Spindle (D)

Aluminum Railing Posts Profiles

* Pick the appropriate post size to suite your custom railing installation.

2in x 2in Aluminum Railing Posts
2″ x 2″ Posts

3in x 3in Aluminum Railing Posts
3″ x 3″ Posts

4in x 4in Aluminum Railing Posts
4″ x 4″ Posts

Other Accessories

Decorative Railing Scroll
Decorative Railing Scroll

* Installation of Decorative Scroll is optional but can add value and curb appeal to your railing.

3x3 ball cap aluminum railing post
Aluminum Ball Caps

Glass Rail Brackets

Glass Railing Installation Brackets
Glass Rail Installation Brackets

Find a complete selection of specialized and decorative stainless steel brackets for your custom glass railing installation project.

Tempered Glass Profiles

Glass Railing Tints - Bronze, Clear, Smoked Grey & Frosted
Bronze, Clear, Smoked Grey & Frosted

Lifetime warranty tempered railing glass comes in four different tints (Bronze, Clear, Smoked Grey & Frosted). Clear Glass is considered standard for all custom railings unless another choice is specified.