custom aluminum railings pvc columns colors

At MAPLE RAILINGS & COLUMNS, we are proud to offer following colors for aluminum railings and columns:

  • Grey (GRY)
  • Clay (CLY)
  • Cashmere (CMR)
  • Warm Beige (WBG)
  • White (WHT)
  • Black (BLK)
  • Commercial Brown (CBR)

Custom Colors for PVC Columns

Jute, Mascarpone, Gray Sky
Almond Bisque, Ashen Tan, Sterling
Clay, River Rock, Flint
Blue, Deep Creek, Chelsea Gray
White Ice

Whether you are discussing about exterior railings or exterior columns, selecting colors for your home furnishings is always tricky. You are spending a lot of money in this renovation and you will be looking at it every day. That’s why deciding between aluminum railing colors is not as easy as you think. Should you make a choice of a picket or a glass rail? Will it be pewter, clay, cashmere, warm beige, white, black or even commercial brown? Do you have an idea on how to select the best color for your railings or columns project? Here is an obliging advice.

Choosing a Color for Aluminum Railings & Columns

Custom aluminum railings are classically sheltered in a powder coating. The powder sticks tightly to the railing due to an electrostatic charge, and high temperature melds the powder and heals it. The initial phase involves several rounds of cleaning and drying the aluminum parts to make sure that the surface is detailed and geared up to be coated.

Longevity & Curb Appeal

Powder coating is very long-lasting and maintenance-free. It is available in a variety of colors. Even though most manufacturers present a set of standard colors for their aluminum railings, they will occasionally offer custom colors for an additional charge. Standard colors include black, white, warm beige, and clay. These colors are available in various finishes and railing accessories as well. Your color options will differ depending on the manufacturer you select and the style of aluminum railing or column you wish.

The manufacturer’s catalog will probably have samples of the various railing colors available, but understand that these colors are only a close version of the color. If you want to see the accurate color, you’ll need to check with actual samples.

Following Tips can help you select Custom Aluminum Railing & Column Colors:

  • Make your mind up for a color that mingles in or a high-contrast color.
  • Think about the lighting of the installation area. (Porch, Stairs, Balcony, Deck, etc.)
  • Look thoroughly at the surrounding area where the railing or columns will be installed.

Ultimately, if you are in search for an aluminum railing installation contractor, trust MAPLE RAILINGS & COLUMNS. You might be attracted by the Maple Series aluminum railing systems, which are available in a variety of custom designs, colors and styles. With series like CLASSIC, STANDARD, ROYAL, CROWN, MANIFEST (clear glass) and HUE (tinted glass), you can believe that these railings are both stylish and modest.

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